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DiPaolo Health Solutions and Acupuncture

“If the body is sick, the mind worries and the spirit grieves. If the mind is sick, the body and spirit will suffer from its confusion. If the spirit is sick, there will be no will to care for body and mind.”

J.R. Worsley, Doctor of Traditonal Acupuncture, U.K. 

"Dr. DiPaolo was referred to our family by a dear friend. Our middle daughter was a catcher on a high school softball team and could not squat to catch the softball. Her team was playing in two days for the city championship, but after three visits to Dr. DiPaolo she was able to play and we have continued to proactively visit Dr. DiPaolo so she could continue to play pain free, with strength and power. Our entire family and many friends are now patients of Dr. DiPaolo, since his holistic approach to the Kinesiology/Chiropractic field is result-orientated and gentle to the human body. He is extremely advanced for alternative medicine, which is the future of healthcare. We as patients need to take responsibility for our health, and becoming a patient of Dr. DiPaolo has helped us achieve optimal health. We highly recommend Dr. DiPaolo."

Bart & Ingrid Beavers

"I have known Dr. David DiPaolo since 1999 when I first visited him after relocating to the Toledo area. For years, I had suffered with chronic low back problems, hip pain, and symptoms of sciatica. I had a long history of medical treatment, chiropractic care, and physical therapy. My initial visits to Dr. DiPaolo brought relief and progressive improvement. I realized that I was being treated by a true wellness professional. His knowledge of integrative treatment modalities, his understanding of the role of nutrition and supplements, and his ability to listen to his patients make him a unique physician. I recommend Dr. DiPaolo without hesitation."
Gerry Darnell, PhD, CM

“Dr. DiPaolo is one of the most competent and compassionate practitioners in his field. I have personally experienced his abilities through a difficult illness. I have since referred many of my clients, all of whom have benefited. Dr. DiPaolo embodies all that is mind-body medicine.”

Guldal Caba, PhD, LPCC
Holistic Health Care Consultant

"For the past 18 years I have been a patient of Dr. DiPaolo. After completing my junior football season at Hillsdale College I had back pain and numbness that I could not get rid of, but after the first few visits with Dr. DiPaolo my symptoms were gone. From Dr. DiPaolo I learned about proper nutrition, supplementation and training. When I reported for my senior year I came into camp in the best shape of my life. Now, at 40 years old, I feel great. I have recommended friends, family, and players to Dr. DiPaolo. He has influenced my health in a positive way for the last 18 years and he's become a very good friend. "

Grant Fanning - Middle School Science Teacher, Football Coach Defensive Coordinator
Hillsdale College 1987-1991, Eastern Michigan University, MA

“Twenty years ago I experienced a serious health crisis. Dr. DiPaolo's holistic/integrative approach to medicine not only created a healing of my illness, but also changed my life. His knowledge of nutrition and his gentle and very effective approach to chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology showed me a path to health and fitness. I have the greatest confidence in his skills and don't hesitate to refer clients and friends.” 

Patricia A. Van Kley, Ph.D

"My family and I have been seeing Dr. DiPaolo for about 20 years. I moved to Michigan 14 years ago, yet I still drive an hour to receive care from him. I have tried to find other doctors locally who compare, but there are simply none who have Dr. DiPaolo's diverse background, holistic approach to healing, and intuitive abilities. He never stops learning and is a healer extraordinaire. It is worth it to travel an hour when we need his services. If you want to get to the core of the problem, fix it and not have to keep coming back, then go to Dr. DiPaolo. He is simply the best value in healing that your dollar can buy."

Dave Krajovic, MBS, CPA, NCTMB, Automotive Supplier Vice President and Co-Founder, Global Breath Institute

"Dr. DiPaolo has been caring for the health and well being of my family for 20 years. He combines a caring attitude and intense desire to heal, offering a unique approach to chiropractic medicine. His knowledge of the biomechanics, physiology, and anatomy of the body, nutrition, combined with his powerful intuition, set an impeccable standard for healing that I have yet to experience in another provider. As a bodyworker, energy healer, and breathworker, I refer my toughest clients to Dr. DiPaolo. He is truly unique as a provider! He does not merely treat the symptoms, he treats the whole essence of the person. I drive over an hour for care from Dr. DiPaolo. His healing touch is well worth my time on the road."

Pat Krajovic, BS, MPA, MBA, NCTMB, Certified Transformational Breathing Facilitator and Trainer Co-Founder and Director BodyWorks Healing Center, Plymouth, MI

"Dr. DiPaolo is a unique and powerful healer. He knows the workings of the body and relates dysfunctions in the body with mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual disease. This provides the basis for holistic healing that, when combined with his intuition, makes a winning combination. Whether he was getting me back on the soccer field in high school or presently getting me fit for my duty as a United States Marine, Dr. DiPaolo is who I call when I need help."

LCPL Christopher K., USMC

"Dr. DiPaolo's medical knowledge, expert diagnostic skills, broad experience and effective treatments have made an incredible difference in the quality of my life. Twelve years ago, I had extreme back pain that conventional medical doctors could not help with medication or therapy. Dr. DiPaolo diagnosed my problem, treated me and gave me immediate relief from pain on the first visit. With his continued support, exercise suggestions, and nutritional therapy I made a full recovery in a short time. I have been a first grade school teacher for 36 years and with all of the bending over desks that I do, I need a "tune up" a few times a year to keep my back and body strong and healthy. Now, my family and friends drive from the Ann Arbor, Michigan area to see Dr. DiPaolo. He has always been professional, compassionate and caring for as long as I have know him. Any time I get the chance, I don't hesitate to tell everyone about his work."

Ruth Bates
Masters of Science in Education

"In 1999, I decided that I would compete in the Ed Schmidt Hands-On Marathon, and I won! Dr. DiPaolo was my coach. Without him I would not have been able to accomplish my goal. Dr. DiPaolo helped me make food choices and brought my body into optimum
muscle balance prior to the competition. During the event, he came at all hours of the day and night to adjust my spine and nutritional intake. I know he helped me overcome weaknesses that would have otherwise meant failure in such a difficult ordeal. With a combination of Dr. DiPaolo's help and a lot of determination, I stood up with my hand on a car for almost 5 days. After almost no sleep and standing for 107 hours, I drove home with the car of my dreams, a new Volkswagen Beetle."

Andy Pontius

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